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Find out the product setup key👈


To make the product functional it is required to activate the program with the product key. They key can easily be found as it is printed on the backside of the Microsoft office retail card. The format of the key is shown below




Visit and redeem your key.


How to set up Microsoft office 365 and office 2019

If you have purchased either office 365 or Office 2019 retail card, the key must be at the back side of the card.

To setup Microsoft office, you need to understand the office installation setps given below:


Prerequisites Microsoft office setup


You must follow few guidelines before setup office

  1. Check minimum system requirements for installation of office
  2. Get your product key
  3. Create a Microsoft Account if you don’t have

Check minimum system requirements for installation of office :


The minimum system requirement has been explained in below given table, it will help you selecting right product for your system.


Get your product key


When you purchase Microsoft office from Microsoft online store the key is always shared through email or the key can be found from office account page As the office is also available in retails it can be purchased from retail store. The key can be found by peeling the sticker given at the backside of the card. Make sure to peel the sticker smoothly else it may get ripped.


Create a Microsoft Account if you don’t have


Introduction of newer version of windows or office have changed the era towards more digitalization, made users attract towards cloud technology and to get this benefit you user must have to have a Microsoft account. Any email can be migrated to Microsoft account or you can create a new one from Microsoft portal and follow the on screen on screen instruction to create the account. This Microsoft account will offer you 5 Gb cloud space which is known as One drive. One drive will be linked with your office application, hence any file created on office application can also be saved on OneDrive & same can be accessed from anywhere.


Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 Editions


The below given Flowchart explains the editions of office version. The feature and tools varies from version to version. Though both version office 2019 & office 365 has similar feature to know more details about features visit


Let's talk about Microsoft Office


First time User's Guidelines


Microsoft office is proprietary product and it is a suite of productivity application which is designed for Home, Office and Business users. The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. Microsoft office 2019 is perpetual office productivity suite however personal is a monthly and yearly subscription-based product, Office 365 subscribers constantly get new features and updates. The below shown graph gives a clear picture that how Microsoft Office has historically encouraged users and businesses.